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       Abeba Baltena was established as a private food processing business in 2001 e.c by w/ro Fozia Geletu. The well renowned Abeba Berbere was the foundation for the baltena sector. After the company was established in the aforementioned year, Ato Sherefa Ahmedin has been leading the company.

Human Resource

       It is inevitable for a food processing business to require professionals from different sectors. Abeba baltena is highly enriched with the necessary human power, from the actual food processing up to transportation and sales, we have very competent and professional employees at hand. For the past few years w/ro Meseret Kinfe has been in charge of controlling production and quality. we also have many other employees highly dedicated to ensuring the continued satisfaction of our customers. At this time we have more than 40 employees working full time.


       As it is mentioned above Abeba Baltena was founded by w\ro Fozia Geletu and it is being led by Ato Sherefa Ahemedin. Apart from the many sites we use to process our food products we have more than three branches which enables us to reach our customers with ease. As of right now our products are sold at our branches and every other supermarket and shop.


       Our customers are increasing each day due to the quality of our products and services. Now we have developed enough capabilities to supply food products to government installations the main examples being Jimma University and Muger cement factory. besides those we have other customers including Hotels, Restaurants, cafes and the average household. It is our greatest belief that from now on you will also be our respected customer.

To us Quality matters the most!

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